Guiding Principles

EVs have the potential to provide significant economic, environmental and social benefits, such as reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on imported oil, while reducing consumers’ energy costs.  In anticipation of plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) coming to market, REVI was organized to exchange information and establish shared positions and priorities for a charging infrastructure utilizing the existing regional electric systems. 

  • REVI supports regional and state policy goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and develop alternative fuel resources.

  • REVI’s founding members agree that implementation of an EV charging infrastructure is imminent, and that utilities should be prepared to play an appropriate role in support of that process.

  • The group’s focus is on understanding EV market development and advancing the region’s EV planning process, policies and dialogue with stakeholders.

  • As the EV market evolves, REVI utilities will work together for the benefit of customers and strive to achieve cost efficiencies, consistency of applicable standards, and economies of scale. 

With electric transportation undergoing rapid change and technology advances, REVI utilities are staying up to date and can be a reliable source of EV information. REVI Contacts